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Peterson’s Insight™ lets higher education professionals see how their institution compares to 4,000 institutions across 140 unique dimensions.

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Simple intelligence and analytics purpose-built for higher education

With Peterson’s Insight, get the information powered by the nation’s most comprehensive, reliable, and accurate source on higher education.

Compare yield rate with similar schools.
View who is leading in minority recruiting.
Know where to focus marketing efforts.
Uncover how much your competitors are spending per student.
Stay on top of typical graduation rates.
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Smart doesn’t have to be complicated. Uncover critical, game-changing insights with just a few clicks.


Research and data you can trust – conveniently pulled together for easy access.


Find opportunities for growth in recruiting. Take the guesswork out of resource allocation.


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Insight™ is ideal for

  • Admissions Officers
  • Enrollment Marketers
  • Office of the Provost

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  • Easy to use

    We built a tool for humans, not just math geeks. Enter your parameters and get exactly the answers you need.

  • Comprehensive

    We help you answer the tough questions – backed by 60 years of data gathering experience.

  • Strategic

    The business of higher education is challenging. Finding an edge, and being able to back it with robust analysis, is essential to advancing strategic plans.

Original Insights Born from Unique, Accurate Data

Every year we deploy a team of researchers to gather primary data—including geography, ethnicity, tuition, yield, and financial aid— from colleges and universities.

No other premium higher education data gathering effort comes close. What’s more, we have over 10 years of retrospective data, updated continually.

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